Zichron Naftali Israel Charity Fund

War in Israel

The Oct 7 terrorist attacks have devastated Israel, plunging the country into war. But this war is not only being fought on the battlefield. Terrorists and rockets are crippling the country leaving people in great need. Civilians are caught up in the country's battle for their survival and need our help. So many across the country are struggling with basic needs, food, shelter, relocation and so much more.

Zichron Naftali Israel Charity Fund is working around the clock to help those that have nowhere else to turn. Please help us help them.

Since 2018, Zichron Naftali Israel Fund has helped thousands of people in need. For some, they need food and clothes. For others, basic health needs. For others, their needs are psychological and emotional. There is no overhead, no office or infrastructure. The money is distributed to the families in a way that meets their needs and maintains their dignity.

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